Institutional Outcomes

In accordance with the mission statement and the institutional purposes, Evangelia University expects certain outcomes demonstrated by its graduates. Each academic program has its own specific learning outcomes. The following institutional outcomes and the specific program outcomes together will become the basis for measuring students’ progress and institutional effectiveness in fulfilling its mission.


Graduating students will:

• Demonstrate their commitment to the Lordship of Christ in every area of life and to display through their lives that they are submitting to that Lordship in mind and in heart;
• Show sufficient knowledge of the cultural trends and leadership skills in order to lead a Christian group and ministry;
• Show evidence in their life that they are walking in the Spirit, bearing fruit of the Holy Spirit and becoming more Christ-like;
• Demonstrate firm knowledge of the foundational truths of God’s Word and capability to apply them to life;
• Demonstrate sufficient knowledge and skills to understand the meaning of OT and NT and be able to preach and teach the Scriptural truth effectively.
• Show ability to think and write clearly, analytically, critically, creatively, and constructively.
• Demonstrate sufficient knowledge and proficiency in various Christian ministries and be able to work together with other people.