B.A. in Biblical Studies



EU currently offers one major (Biblical Studies) in its undergraduate baccalaureate program. The purpose of the Biblical Studies Degree (BA) is to equip men and women to form a Christ-like mind to influence the world for the Lord Jesus Christ through providing fundamental knowledge of the Old and New Testament, of Christian doctrines and history, of various practical areas of Christian ministries, and of methods for further biblical and theological studies.


Career opportunities for Biblical Studies graduates are ample including most of the following Christian service categories:

• Pastor (usually after the completion of a M. Div. degree)
• Evangelist
• Missionary
• Minister of Youth
• Minister of Children’s Program
• Counselor
• Church Administrator
• Bible Teacher for Christian Schools




Upon completion of the BA in Biblical Studies, graduates will:
•Articulate the general content, outline, themes, and theology of the Old and New Testaments.
•Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the history, literature, and theology of the Old and New Testaments to be able to interpret biblical texts within their historical and literary contexts with appropriate application of principles of sound interpretations and applications of the Bible.
•Distinguish major historical and doctrinal movements of the church and evaluate their impact upon the development of the Christian church and doctrine today.
•Demonstrate their knowledge of the themes and principles of biblical redemptive history with foundational Reformed hermeneutical skills.
•Read the Bible either in Greek or Hebrew with the help of a dictionary.
•Show adequate knowledge of the issues, rationale, and biblical texts for the major doctrines of the Bible and systematize personal positions on additional theological issues in relation to doctrines, spiritual disciplines, ministry, and life in general.
•Show adequate proficiency in integrating biblical and theological truth into one’s own life situation, particularly in their field of calling.
•Demonstrate sufficient knowledge and proficiency in various Christian ministries.




The coursework in Biblical Studies is intended for students to be well acquainted with biblical contents to have a grasp of the major doctrines of the Bible and to grow to get greater spiritual maturity.

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies degree requires 120 semester units which consist of 36 units of general education including 3 units of Research & Critical Writing, 54 units of biblical/theological studies and ministerial courses, and 30 units of electives.

Besides required courses, any course the student takes will be considered an elective course. Students can choose classes from GE and Major Courses in order to fulfill their elective requirement. The flexibility of electives within this major will enable students to design a program in line with their ministry objectives as well as their personal interests.
Degree Requirements Overview

General Education Requirements Research & Critical Writing 3 units 36 units
English 9 units
Communication 3 units
Social/Behavioral Science 9 units
Humanities/Fine Arts 9 units
Natural Science/Math 3 units 54 units
Major Core Requirements Bible & Biblical Languages 6 units
Biblical Studies 21 units
Christian Thoughts and Experience 12 units
Christian Ministries 15 units
Electives 30 units
Moodle Tutorial (DE Only) 1 units
Total Credit Requirements 120 (121 DE) units




General requirements for graduation are as follows:
•Completion of all the required course work within the time frame allowed. Meet the residence requirement of earning no fewer than 43 semester units at Evangelia University.
•A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale (“D” grades in major courses must be repeated).
•The student must complete and file the required papers (Student’s Academic Progress Portfolio) in form 1-321 with a B or above.