Master of Divinity

Graduate Studies of Evangelia University (Kosin School of Theology) offers the Master of Divinity program, whose purpose is to train students in the Word of God and to train them to become faithful ministers in the Church of Christ. More specifically, the program equips students with the Reformed worldview, trains them to correctly interpret God’s Word, nurtures them to grow in the grace of our Lord Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, help them to be skillful at applying the Word of God in every area of ministry, and to become “all to all” in the context of the life and the culture of the congregation. The program requires three years of full-time study, and is designed to provide a basic professional foundation for the entry-level pastoral position within the Christian ministry. The graduate will acquire the professional competence necessary for serving as a pastor, missionary, chaplain, campus ministry director, associate pastor, ministry-related counselor, evangelist, religious-subject instructor, or similar professions.


Upon completion of the M.Div. degree, graduates will:

•Demonstrate the basic knowledge of both Greek and Hebrew.
•Demonstrate a firm grasp of the historical and cultural backgrounds, content, geography and theological themes of the Old Testament and New Testament.
•Show sufficient hermeneutical skills to interpret any passage in the Scripture with the Reformed biblical hermeneutical principles.
•Preach and teach biblical passages Christocentrically and in their redemptive-historical context.
•Demonstrate through comprehension of Christian Doctrine with Reformed Perspectives and be able to construct theology by thinking biblically and contextually.
•Demonstrate their knowledge of how theological issues have developed throughout history and be able to critique and assess them from the Reformed perspective.
•Have a firm grasp of the principles of Reformed apologetics
•Be able to discern the theological and cultural forces that influence the church and to suggest ways to respond biblically, theologically, and practically
•Understand the nature of the church and ministry in order to serve as leaders of a local church or Christian organization.
•Show basic understanding of biblical principles and methods for Christian education and adequate skills and knowledge of various models of education
•Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of biblical principles and methods for missions and open-mindedness for cross-cultural ministry.


Languages 6 units
Research Methodology & Writing 3 units
Biblical Studies 30 units
Christian Thoughts and Experience 24 units
Spiritual and Ministerial Training 27 units
Electives 6 units
Preaching Practicum 1 units
Pastoral Internship: 500 hours 2 units
Moodle Tutorial (DE Only) 1 unit
Total Credit Requirement 99(100DE) units


• To receive a Master of Divinity degree at Evangelia University, a student must complete a total of 99 units including 2 units of field education with a C (2.0) or above average on all courses taken. Transfer students must earn at least 50 credit units (50%) at Evangelia University.
•The student must complete all the required courses within the time frame allowed (seven years from the time of first enrollment).
•The student must complete the field education requirements with a satisfactory grade.
•The conduct and attitude of the student must be satisfactory according to the norms of Scripture and the Westminster Standards.
•The student must pass the Bible Knowledge Test.
•The student must pass the test on The Westminster Confession of Faith.
•The student must complete and file the required papers (Student’s Academic Progress Portfolio) in form 1-321 with a B or above.
•The student must fulfill all financial obligations, including the graduation fee of $150, to the university. The student must submit a formal request for graduation before the designated deadline, normally in the beginning of the last academic year. Ordinarily, degrees will be awarded at the conclusion of the spring semester, but may be granted in December.
•The student must take at least one English class.