M.A. in Religion

This program is designed for those who desire to strengthen the Christian basis for one’s life and work, whether in a secular career or a church staff position, without seeking ordination as ordained ministers. The goal is to help the student to integrate and apply the biblical worldview in a particular field of calling, either in arts and sciences or a particular area of ministry.


Upon completion of the MA in Religion, students will:

•Demonstrate a competent knowledge and understanding of the biblical, historical, and theological aspects of Christianity so as to function as church leaders, professional or otherwise.
•Show communicative, inspirational, supervisory, administrative, organizational and other managerial skills necessary for fulfilling the assigned duties and responsibilities within the Christian ministry or mission, such as teaching and consulting in Christian education.
•Demonstrate ability to integrate the Christian worldview into their ministerial endeavors.
•Demonstrate sufficient ability to analyze problems and find solutions to them independently in matters related to Christian ministry.


Overview of the Total Credit Requirement

Major Core Requirements Research Methodology & Writing 3 units 51 units
Biblical Language 6 units
Biblical Studies 12 units
Christian Thoughts and Experience 15 units
Spiritual and Ministerial Training 15 units
Electives 9 units
Moodle Tutorial (DE Only) 1 units
Total Credit Requirements 60(61 DE) units


The candidate must also meet the following requirements:
Complete all the required courses within the time frame allowed (four years from the time of first enrollment, 60 credit units). Transfer students must earn at least 30 credit units (50%) at Evangelia University.

•Have a minimum cumulative grade point average 2.0 on a 4.0 scale
•The student must pass the Bible Knowledge Test.
•The student must complete and file the required papers (Student’s Academic Progress Portfolio) in form 1-321 with a B or above