Doctor of Ministry

Doctor of Ministry program at Kosin School of Theology in Evangelia University exists to equip pastors, missionaries, and leaders in Christian organizations to be more competent in their practice of ministry, and to revitalize their personal and spiritual life. Doctor of Ministry program is not a research program but it sets high academic standards. Students are able to remain in full-time ministry while they engage in this learning process. Three concentrations, Pastoral Ministry, Evangelism & World Mission, and Social Work, are offered. All applicants must declare their intended concentration in their application.

The program may be completed in three calendar years in length and students are given a maximum of seven years. Students need to take at least two courses per year. The degree requires the completion of 12 courses plus a ministry research project or dissertation. The 12 courses consist of 5 common core courses , 5 concentration core courses, and 2 elective courses from the other two concentrations—one for each concentration. All courses are offered in one to three week intensive seminars in June (summer) and January (winter) each year. Each course includes one month of pre-reading and assignment period before the intensive course and two months of after-reading and final paper/project period after the intensive course. Students can take the courses at EU Campus in Anaheim, California or through on-line. However, on-line students must acquire at least 6 credit units through EU


Upon the completion of the Doctor of Ministry degree, students will be able to:

1. Identify one’s area of spiritual needs and find resources to grow in maturity in personal and spiritual formation

2. Demonstrate an advanced understanding of ministry and ability to apt think biblically and theologically about all aspects of ministry

3. Understand Christo-centric preaching and be able to preach confidently

4. Demonstrate enhanced competencies in ministerial leadership skills in one’s practice of ministry

5. Understand how to teach and motivate church members to grow through participating in Christian Social Work and Evangelism

6. Demonstrate an improved ability in one’s self-directed learning, research, and communication of its results in both written form and verbal presentation for the chosen themes of one’s ministry.

Concentration in Pastoral Ministry

1. Articulate a mature biblical theology of pastoral ministry and pastoral leadership from the reformed perspectives

2. Understand spiritual and psychological issues of the diverse members in the church and effectively assist them by workable programs and practices

3. Demonstrate an advanced knowledge & skills to design and imply small group & discipleship ministry effectively into the diverse members of the church in line with mission and purpose of the church.

Concentration in Evangelism & Mission

1. Communicate the good news of Jesus Christ in a winsome way which wins the heart and the mind of the unreached group of people around the world.

2. Demonstrate an advance knowledge & skill in design research and apply the result in their mission context.

3. Demonstrate an influential leadership and spirituality in their mission field of serving.

Concentration in Social Work

1. Utilize social work knowledge and skills effectively into Christian ministry and life as the prominent technology;

2. Communicate effectively with people about a two-prong approach to ‘Faith-Salvation’ machinery; namely, Gospel Teaching and Practical Human Loving/Caring;

3. Demonstrate an ability to work successfully and harmoniously in given environments, i.e., social, cultural and institutional (including churches) systems; and creatively initiate and manage numerous effective human helping modes in the Church as a major part of its operations.


In order to be candidates for Doctor of Ministry degree, students must successfully complete 36-semester hours of class work with a minimum cumulative grade of B level or above. Candidates must complete a Ministry Research Project, the successful oral defense of the project, and must pass an oral examination over the course work. Candidates must file their application for graduation by February preceding graduation, fulfill their financial obligations to the school, and participate in the graduation ceremonies. (Refer to the D.Min. Program Handbook for Details)


Throughout the coursework of D.Min. program, students should complete approximately 2,000 pages of reading in the increments prescribed by the professor. The professor must receive the following in evidence of the completion of the reading assignment:

1) An analysis of the theological implications;

2) A presentation of the distinctive features of the material; and

3) A personal reflection paper giving evidence of the student’s personal interaction with the material.

Overview of the Total Credit Requirement

Common Core Courses 15 units
Concentration Core Courses (Pastoral Ministry, Evangelism & World Mission, Social Work) 15 units
Electives 6 units
Dissertation/Ministry Project 6 units
Total Credit Requirements  42 units

Common Core Courses 15 units Concentration Core Courses (Pastoral Ministry, Evangelism & World Mission, Social Work) 15 units Electives 6 units Dissertation/Ministry Project 6 units Total Credit Requirements 42 units

Required Courses for All Three Concentrations (5 Courses-15 Credit Hours)

DMCR 801 Research Methodology & Dissertation Writing

DMCR 802 Advanced Preaching Practicum

DMCR 803 Spiritual Formation and Sanctification for Christian Leaders

DMCR 804 Issues on Ministry and Leadership

DMCR 805 Understanding challenging Issues of Ministry and Educational Approach to Ministry

Concentration in Pastoral Ministry (5 Courses-15 Credit Hours)

DMPM821 I Corinthians and its Message for the Church

DMPM822 Interpretation and Preaching of Old Testament

DMPM823 Holy Spirit & Ministry

DMPM824 Interpretation and Preaching of the Book of Ruth

DMPM825 Small Group and Ministry

Concentration in Evangelism & Mission (5 Courses-15 Credit Hours)

DMEW 831 Premeditated Multicultural Ministry

DMEW 832 “Incarnational Leadership” In Cross-Cultural Settings

DMEW 833 Mission Theology in the Bible

DMEW 834 Christian Anthropology

DMEW 835 Church & Contemporary Perspectives of Mission

Concentration in Social Work (5 Courses-15 Credit Hours)

DMSW 841 Human Behavior and Social Environment

DMSW 842 Social Work Practice

DMSW 843 Social Work Policy

DMSW 844 Research Methods and Statistics

DMSW 845 Evangelical Social Work: Values and Ethics

DMSW 846 Church-based Social Work Grant-Writing

Dissertation/Project (6 Credit Hours)

DMDP802SM Program Info Seminar (No-Credit Unit)

DMDP851 Dissertation Proposal

DMDP852 Dissertation

Elective Courses (6 Credit Hours) 2 Courses from two concentrations other than yours)

Total: 42 Credit Hours